This page pays tribute to the peace officers which were employed by the Law Enforcement Agencies within Brazoria County who have given their lives in the performance of their duty.  These individuals did their duty on behalf of us all, forntmen in today's and yesterday's war against crime.  Please take a few moments here to think of them, and to thank God that they chose to serve and protect you and your families.


Sheriff Joe H. Snow
September 16, 1920

Deputy Sheriff James William Cook
August 26, 1925


Deputy Sheriff Joseph Arthur Harnest
December 14, 1937


Sheriff John W. McKinney
October 22, 1940


Police Officer Henry O. Wendell Jr.
October 6, 1967


Deputy Sheriff James C. Douglas
May 15, 1973


D. P. S. Trooper Tomie M. Tucker
May 29, 1976


Deputy Sheriff Patrick E. Roberts Jr.


Deputy Sheriff Jason Alexander Oliff
December 5th, 2005

Deputy Sheriff Charles Allen Van Meter
June 26th, 2011





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