Sheriff Joe H. Snow


  Sheriff Joe H. Snow Sheriff Snow was instantly killed by Oscar Beasley on the bay front of Stratton Ridge around five o'clock Wednesday evening on September 16, 1920.  Sheriff Snow had gone to a local fishing camp in order to recover, what he believed, to be several stolen horses.  Upon reaching the front of the building, Beasley fired a shotgun at the sheriff killing him instantly.  Upon hearing the news, numerous parties of armed citizens we dispatched in all directions looking for Beasley.  At approximately 5:30 a.m., Beasley was captured  at the depot in Danbury by two of Danbury's residents.  That night Beasley was forcibly removed from his cell by citizens of the county and lynched.  Beasley's body was left hanging in a tree in front of the county museum, which at the time was the county jail.