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Current Annual Contracts:

Aftermarket Auto and Truck Parts:
      Aftermarket Auto and Truck Parts *
Award Information:
      Award Information *
Electrical Supplies:
      Electrical Supplies *
Emulsified Asphalt:
      Emulsified Asphalt-P Squared *
Equipment Rental:
      Equipment Rentals *
      Milling Machine Rental *
      Filters *
      Aviation Fuel *
      Gasoline and Diesel *
      3M Traffic Paint & Elements *
      Aerial Cutting *
      Asphalt Sealer, Polyflex III (Hot Applied Sealant) *
      Asphalts, Oils, Emulsions *
      Batteries (Consignment) Vehicles and Equipment *
      Batteries, Duracell *
      Carpet and Flooring *
      Cutting Teeth (Bullet Teeth) *
      Dirt *
      Drainage Products *
      Fleet Mowing *
      Herbicides *
      Medical Supplies *
      Mosquito Control Chemicals *
      Notary Bond Application *
      Oil and Lubricants *
      Sand *
      Scrap Metal Disposition *
      Treated Bridge Timbers *
Hardware and Supplies:
      Hardware and Supplies *
Janitorial Products and Supplies:
      Food Service Products and Supplies *
      Janitorial, Paper and Miscellaneous Products and Supplies *
OEM Auto Parts:
      OEM Auto Parts *
Plan Holders / Attendance:
      Plan Holders / Attendance *
Road Materials:
      Flexible Base *
            Crushed Asphalt
            Crushed Concrete
            Crushed Limestone
            Reclaimed Base Blend
      Patching Material *
      Stabilizing Materials *
      Surface Courses *
Road Safety Products:
      Barricades and Barricade Sheeting *
            Type I
            Type II
            Type III
            Uprights, Plastic
            Uprights, Wooden
      Flashers, Strobes and Warning Lights *
            Flasher, Barricade Light
            Low Profile Mini Light Bar
            Mini Light Bar
            Public Safety Vehicle - Light Bar
            Quad Flash Strobe
            Replacement Modules for LEDZ Assy.
            Rotating Beacon
            Siren Speaker
            Strobe, Heavy Duty
            Wig Wag Programmable Flasher
      Miscellaneous Products *
            Airport Windsocks
            Barrier Fence
            Barrier Tape
            Rain Suit
            Safety Drums with Bases
            Safety Flag
            Safety Vests (Class II and III)
            Stop / Slow Paddle
            Survey Marker Flags
            Traffic Cones
      Reflective Sheeting *
            Application Tape (Pre-Mask),Engineer Grade,3M Product
            Application Tape (Pre-Mask),Engineer Grade,Alternate Product
            Class 1, Pressure Sensitive,Diamond Grade,Alternate Product
            Class 1,Pressure Sensitive,Diamond Grade,3M Product
            Sign Faces,Pressure Sensitive,Diamond Grade
      Road Safety Metal Beam Guard Railing *
            Metal Beam Guard Rail
      Signs and Posts *
            Aluminum Sign Blanks
            Custom Fabricated Signs
            Fabricated Signs
            Pavement Markings
            Roll Up Construction Signs and Stands
            Rumble Strips
            Sign Caps & Cross Blades
            Sign Posts
            Slow Moving Vehicle
            Socket & Wedges
            Street Signs
      Goodyear Tires *
      Tires *
Waste Management:
      Waste Services Dumpsters *
      Waste Services Port-A-Cans *


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