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Brazoria County Juvenile Justice Department

Working together to transform  and habilitate juveniles, stregthen families, protect the community and develop responsible citizens

  Welcome to the home of the Brazoria County Juvenile Justice Department web site.
This site was designed to assist residents of Brazoria County to gain a better
understanding of how the Juvenile Justice System works. 
  Thousands of juveniles enter the Juvenile Justice System each year. Not all of these individuals are what we refere to as "hardened criminals". Many end up in the system because they do not know or do not understand the laws and how they affect juveniles. This web page is designed to help parents, children, and adult leaders in the community understand the Juvenile Justice System. If the juveniles and those they look to for guidance understand the consequences of breaking the law, they will be less likely to end up in the system. The goal in producing this web site is to relieve some of the confusion caused by a system that one is not familiar with until they become involved in it.  


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Additional Information
Going through the Juvenile System one step at a time
Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program (JJAEP)
Missing kids in Texas
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Victim's Assistance Program
Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)  *
The Survey of Sexual Victimization 2014  *
Employment Opportunities

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A juvenile is a person 10 years of age or older and younger than 17 years of age.
A person cannot be arrested before the age of 10.
A person is handled in adult court if they commit a crime after they turn 17 years of age.
If a juvenile commits a crime before they turn 17 years of age, they can be on probation until their 18th birthday.
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