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Only Sheriff’s Office Applications will be accepted for Public Safety Positions


As of


Only Sheriff’s Office Applications will be accepted for Public Safety Positions


The Brazoria County Sheriff’s Office will be accepting applications for Detention Officers, Dispatchers (shift work required), Chemist and Assistant County Fire Marshal

Deputy Detention (Jailer)

Reports to and receives assignments, instruction, and direction from Sergeant, Lieutenants, and Captains. Reads pass-on logs and receives activity briefings from off-going shift personnel. Observes and monitors jail inmates, and detects and deters improper or unacceptable behavior. Controls and directs inmates while out of cell areas during transfers, work assignments, meals, recreation, etc. Books inmates into the detention center and performs searches of individuals and jail cells to locate weapons or contraband. Prepares logs, records, and reports of jail activities. Performs other duties and activities as directed.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES including the following. Other duties may be assigned.

Book inmates into detention center: including conducting inmate classification interviews, operating computer terminal to input, verify and obtain information, fingerprinting and photographing inmates, counseling and advising inmates on jail rules and procedures, issuing clothing and supplies to inmates, completing and recording bail transactions and agreements, and receiving, maintaining and accounting for inmates’ personal property.

Monitor jail alarm systems and operate controls for doors, elevators and surveillance equipment.

Observe and monitor jail inmates to detect behavioral problems, adjustment difficulties, recognition of interpersonal problems and disputes, and identify unmanageable, suicidal or mentally ill inmates.

Direct and control inmates to ensure appropriate behavior in cells in the jail area, during recreation and meals, and while escorting inmates to and from various locations, including courts, visiting areas, medical offices and religious services.

Conduct visual and physical inspections of inmates and cells to ensure jail rules are being observed: including searching inmates and their personal items for weapons and contraband articles, and inspecting jail equipment, materials and facilities for signs of tampering.

Assign, supervise, instruct, direct and control inmates performing work assignments, including inspecting and directing maintenance activities of inmates so as to ensure sanitation, orderliness and safety.

Participate in inmate counts.

Screen, direct and monitor jail visitors; including verifying identity of visitor, purpose of visit and eligibility of inmate to receive visitors, Providing information and instruction to all parties, securing weapons, resolving visitor problems and complaints and monitoring visitor and inmate interactions.

Assist in suppressing and controlling problems that might occur, including calming nervous or agitated inmates and jail visitors, and physically restraining unruly inmates and visitors as necessary.

Prepare and process inmates for discharge or transfer; including counseling and advising inmates on transfer rules and regulations, checking wristband and transfer-card information, ensuring presence of inmates’ personal items, and putting inmates into handcuffs or other restraining devices.

Direct and control inmates to ensure appropriate behavior when being transported outside the jail facility, to court holding cells, on work assignments, or to the clinic or hospital jail wards

Maintain and update records, logs, and periodic reports of jail and inmate activities, including narrative reports, memorandum, and notes of inmate disturbances or injuries.

Patrol assigned areas for evidence of forbidden activities, infraction of rules and unsatisfactory attitude or adjustment of prisoners and report observations to supervisors.


Supervises up to 48 inmates during their performance of work assignments.


To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill and/or ability required. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Minimum requirements:

- Be at least 21 years of age.

- Have no more than 20/200 vision that is correctable to 20/20.

- No past convictions for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI or DUI).

- No more than three (3) moving violations within the last 2 years.

- Possess a valid, current Texas Driver’s License.

- Not have ANY felony convictions.

- Not have ANY misdemeanor convictions for any offense involving moral turpitude or family violence.

- Be a United States Citizen [born or naturalized]

- Possess a high school diploma or G.E.D.

- If prior military service, possess an honorable discharge.

- Be prepared to purchase regulation departmental uniforms [a minimum of $200]

- Have a current, working telephone.

- Successfully pass a written examination consisting of vocabulary and comprehension skills. (Applicants failing this test will be allowed to test a second time not less than 90 days from the first test, if a position is available at that time.)

- Not previously been re-hired by the Brazoria County Sheriff’s Office more than once.

All other positions are normally filled within the department.

For more information, please contact Lt. Rogers at 979-864-2257. You may also email him directly at  Please go to the Brazoria County Sheriff’s Office located at 3602 County Road 45, approximately five miles north of Angleton and apply in person. Applications may also be obtained at the Brazoria County Human Resources Department or at this website.

Dispatcher-Sheriff’s Office

Operate radio, telephone and various computer equipment to receive reports of fires and police and medical emergencies and relay information or orders to proper local, state and federal officials.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

Relay information and messages to and from emergency sites, to law enforcement agencies and to all other individuals or groups requiring notification.

Question callers to determine their locations and the nature of their problems in order to determine the type of response needed.

Determine response requirements and relative priorities of situations, and dispatch units in accordance with established procedures.

Provide emergency medical instructions to callers.

Record details of calls, dispatches and messages.

Monitor auditory and visual alarm systems and remote cameras to detect emergencies such as fires and illegal entry into establishments.

Enter, update and retrieve information from teletype networks and a variety of computerized data systems (i.e. TLETS/TCIC) regarding such things as wanted persons, stolen property, vehicle registration and stolen vehicles.

Answer routine inquiries, and refer calls not requiring dispatches to appropriate departments and agencies.

Scan status charts and computer screens, and contact emergency response field units in order to determine emergency units available for dispatch.

Read and effectively interpret small-scale maps and information from a computer screen in order to determine locations and provide directions.

Assist in the preparation and maintenance of records and reports.

For more information, please contact Lt. Rogers at 979-864-2257. You may also email him directly at  Please go to the Brazoria County Sheriff’s Office located at 3602 County Road 45, approximately five miles north of Angleton and apply in person. Applications may also be obtained at the Brazoria County Human Resources Department or at this website.



 Bachelor's degree (B. S.) in Chemistry, Biochemistry or other natural science from an accredited four-year college or university with at least 30 credit hours of chemistry.  Candidate must have knowledge of instrumental analytical chemistry techniques including Gas Chromatography, HPLC, Mass Spectroscopy and FTIR.  Must have experience with laboratory accreditation, safety program administration, and knowledge of laboratory Quality Assurance principles.

 Under the supervision of the lead chemist/toxicologist, applies scientific principles in the analysis, identification, and classification of chemical and physical substances, materials, liquids, or other physical evidence related to criminology, law enforcement, or investigative work in the crime laboratory by performing the following duties.

 ·         Analyzes drug specimens submitted to the crime laboratory.

 ·         Analyzes urine/blood specimens for the presence of drugs and/or ethanol.

 ·         Enters and reports cases into computer data base, performs computer searches in County data base for case dispositions, prepares court orders for disposal of evidence after final disposition, and other necessary job-related computer tasks.

 ·         Prepares and reviews reports and documents relating to cases.

 ·         Receives and logs into evidence submissions to the laboratory, and places evidence into temporary storage area or refrigeration unit as proper for specific evidence.

 ·         Files, sorts and organizes evidence in the laboratory and drug evidence vault, and carries responsibility for drug and toxicology evidence care, custody, and control.

 ·         Transports evidence, such as, but not limited to controlled substances of substantial monetary value, to court and to disposal unit, or transports for other purposes.

 ·         Testifies in court with respect to chain of custody matters and in the capacity of an expert witness relating to the cases received by the laboratory.

 ·         Perform laboratory equipment maintenance to ensure all are in safe and working order and performs other laboratory functions as necessary.

 Hours are 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Salary range is $48,291-$57,662 depending on qualification and experience.  Please apply at the Brazoria County Sheriff’s Office located at 3602 County Road 45, approximately 5 miles north of Angleton.  You may contact Lt. Rogers at 979-864-2257.  Sheriff’s Office Applications may also be obtained and submitted at this website.

 Assistant County Fire Marshal (part-time)

Applicant must be a Licensed Texas Peace Officer.  High School Diploma or equivalent required with three or more years of experience in fire prevention, fire inspection and fire investigation.  The Assistant County Fire Marshal will enforce state and county regulations that relate to fires, explosions or dangers of any kind caused by fire or explosions throughout the County by performing the following duties; including, but not limited to, conducting fire prevention programs, fire and life safety inspections, and assist in maintaining an effective plan to manage fire and explosions and other related emergency situations in the County; work closely with regulatory agencies and industrial plants during explosions, fires, gas releases, and other incidents in order to evacuate or shelter personnel; assist local law enforcement and fire departments by responding to all cases of hazardous material incidents throughout the County; investigate fire origin and cause in unincorporated areas of the County.  This position is a part-time.  Hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM-3:00 PM, or as needed, and rotating on-call 24-7.  Please apply at the Brazoria County Human Resources Dept. or applications may also be obtained and submitted at this website.  Please be sure to fill out the Brazoria County Sheriff’s Office Employment Application.

For more information regarding this positon, please contact Lt. Rogers at 979-864-2257. 



o Applicant cannot have previously been re-hired by the Brazoria County Sheriff’s Office more than once.

o Starting pay for clerical is $12.47/hour, dispatcher is $15.75/hour and detention deputy is $17.70/hour and animal control officer is $14.01/hour (2014-2015)

All other positions are normally filled from within the Department.















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