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To:  All Retail Food & Food Service Establishments

Please find attached application for a permit to operate a Retail Food Service in Brazoria County, Texas. 

This permit is required in order to comply with “Brazoria County Health Department Rules on the Permitting of Retail Food Stores and Food Service Establishments” passed by the Commissioners Court of Brazoria County, Texas on December 1987.  Assistance and additional information on the Rules and Regulations on Retail Food Service Establishments and Retail Food Store Sanitation are available at this Department.  You should avail yourself on this information in order to complete the permit application correctly and to better understand the rules under which you are required to operate, and to better understand the inspection reports of your establishment which you will receive.

Permit Fees:  Before any permit shall be issued under the provisions of these Rules, the applicant shall pay to the Brazoria County Health Department a fee as schedule herein.


Retail Food Stores and Food Service Establishments:

Annual Food Establishment Permit Fee    
  0 - 1000 sq. feet $200.00
  Over 1000 sq. feet $300.00
Roadside/Mobile Vendor $200.00
School Food Service Based on square footage
of kitchen/food operation
as set above.
Day Care Facility $150.00
Temporary Food Establishment
(Permit not to exceed 14 days;and valid
 for one event.)
Late Fees
(If not received prior to opening event.
 In addition to permit fee.)
Reinstatement Fee of Suspended Permit $75.00
Re-inspection Fee $150.00

(above permits good for one year from issuance)

 The Brazoria County Health Department Permit you will receive for your establishment is non-transferable and may be suspended at any time your establishment is found operating in noncompliance with the above rules.  This permit will be renewable on an annual basis, except as noted.  You should  further recognize that it is your responsibility as owner/operator of a food service establishment to perform self inspection of establishment on a daily basis.

In addition, you must notify the Brazoria County Health Department of unusual event such as fire, flood, severe wind/storm damage, or change of ownership.

 If you have any questions concerning this Retail Food Service Permit Application or have any related inquiry, please contact this office at (979)864-1600 or (281) 756-1600.


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