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What is the total area of Brazoria County?  The total area of Brazoria County to the coastline, calculated from the county Geographic Information System (electronic map) is 1,494 square miles.  That figure includes significant water area from coastal bays as well as inland lakes, reservoirs and other bodies of water.

United States Census Bureau data downloaded from the Texas State Data Center web site shows Brazoria County to have:

Land Area = 3590763752 square meters (1,386.40 square miles)

Water Area = 546579181 square meters (211.04 square miles) 

How much does a driveway permit cost?  There is no charge for a Driveway/Culvert Permit.  The cost is the purchase of the Reinforced Concrete Culvert Pipe (RCP).  There is the optional cost of surface material (crushed limestone base or crushed concrete) if the citizen decides to purchase and have the County install. 

What is the size of a standard driveway?  A standard driveway is recommended to be at least 20 feet.  If your driveway is longer than 48 feet clean-out openings or grates must be supplied by the citizen. 

Where can I get a Brazoria County Map, what size are they and how much do they cost?  Brazoria County Road Maps are available from the Engineering Department in the Courthouse West Annex, located across the street from the Courthouse, on the West side.

Brazoria County Maps are 36 x 41 inches.  Black & White maps cost $7.00 each, Color maps cost $25.00 each. 

Where can I find out about deed restrictions for a piece of property I own or am interested in purchasing?  Deed Records is located East Annex. 

Where can I obtain an Elevation Certificate for my home?  This information can be obtained from Flood Plain Administration, located on the 2nd floor of the Courthouse West Annex, in room 210.  (979) 864-1295 

Do you pick up dead animals?  Yes, contact Brazoria County Engineering Dept. (979) 864-1265, for specific details.

 for removal information. If it is on a city street (i.e. City of Angleton) please call their Public Works or Street Maintenance Department.  

Who can I contact regarding floodplain mapping and flood zones for my area?  This information can be obtained from Flood Plain Administration, located on the 2nd floor of the Courthouse West Annex, in room 210.  (979) 864-1295 

If I live within a city or village in Brazoria County, where can I get zoning information?  Zoning information is provided to residents from their respective city or village Zoning Department. For a list of available municipality websites for Brazoria County, click the link below. 

When am I required to plat?  See Subdivision Regulations Item ____. Page ____

How are street names and markers assigned?  See Subdivision Regulations item ___. Page ____. or call (979) 864-1266 opt 5.

How do I get a new address for my house?  You will need to contact the 911 Addressing Department at (979) 864-1295.

What do I need for a permit for sewage facilities?  Contact Brazoria County Environmental Health Department (979) 864-1600

What are the zoning regulations in Brazoria County?   There are no zoning regulations in Brazoria County. If you are in the city's ETJ or their City Limits you must follow the city's zoning regulations.

How do I get my subdivision and its roads maintained by the county?   See Subdivision Regulations Section Page.

How can I find out if a road is maintained by the County?   If the road is a US or State Highway (SH) or Farm to Market (FM) state road, is in the city limits of an incorporated city, or is a private road, the County does not maintain it. To find out, contact the Road  & Bridge Department office at (979) 864-1265.

Whom do I contact about road repair or maintenance?  Call the Road  & Bridge Department at (979) 864-1265 to report problems.

What rules does the County have about mail boxes?   If you are putting up a mail box on a county maintained road you will need to install the mailbox yourself; we do not install mail boxes. We do ask that you not place any large rock or mailboxes in the county right-of-way that will obstruct the view or be dangerous.

How do I get specialty signs installed on a road?  For signs other than normal regulatory traffic signs, you will need to send a letter and or petition with signatures of area residents to our department stating your request and reasons/justification for needing the sign. The Commissioners Court  will then approve or disapprove this request. If your request is approved you will need to then purchase the sign yourself and the road department will install the sign if on a county maintained road. For more information please see the sign policy.

I'm a contractor. How do I bid on County road work?
Please see the vendor information from the Purchasing Department.

More information can be found at:
Links to Brazoria County Municipalities


How to establish a cemetary

 Texas Health and Safety Code Chapter 711 is entitled "GENERAL PROVISIONS RELATING TO CEMETERIES".  It contains various statutes relating to the establishment and administration of cemeteries.  There may be other state laws regarding cemeteries.  I'm not aware of any County regulations of cemeteries.

 In particular, Sec. 711.034 of the Texas Health and Safety Code establishes the requirement for dedication of property for cemetery plots.  One of those requirements is that the party proposing a cemetery prepare a map or plat according to certain standards, and that

"The county clerk shall number and file the map or plat and record the certificate or declaration in the county deed records."

 The Texas Health and Safety Code may be available in public libraries for those wishing to learn more about the process.  It is also available on the internet at

 Anyone interested in establishing a cemetery, after reading the state regulations should probably contact an attorney to discuss the legalities of the issue.







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