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The Brazoria County Engineering Department and the Brazoria County Sheriff's Office have formed a partnership in law enforcement. The Weight Scale Enforcement Program, targeting overweight semi tractor trailers and other commercial trucks on our County's roads, has been initiated. The program is designed to decrease road damage from overweight trucks and to increase public safety.

Texas Transportation Code, Section 621.409 allows for this Weight Scale Enforcement Program and will ensure that commercial trucking industries obey the weight limit laws on Brazoria County's roads. The program has been initiated countywide and targets violators of the weight-limit law.

Brazoria County's Weight Scale Enforcement Program includes two (2) Brazoria County Sheriff Deputies who have access to portable weight scales that will assist in enforcing the program's goals.

There is overwhelming evidence that overweight trucks are damaging our County's roads. This intergovernmental approach will help to eliminate this countywide problem, ensuring that our roads and motorists' safety are continually protected.

HEAVY LOAD PERMIT: Pursuant to Section 623.018 of the Texas Transportation Code, all individuals, firms, partnerships, companies or corporations wishing to operate or move a vehicle or combination of vehicles of a size or weight of vehicle or load exceeding the maximums, specified in Chapter 621, Subsection B and Subsection C of the Texas Transportation Code, on any or all Brazoria County maintained highways must obtain Heavy Load Permit. Application forms and information on the policies and procedures for the issuance of HEAVY LOAD PERMITS are available in the Brazoria County Engineer's Office.

UTILITY PERMIT: To receive necessary permit for underground telephone, television, gas lines or other utilities along county roads, the submission of drawings/plans for the Engineer's review and record is required.  

There is no permit fee.


Permit Application Forms

Super Heavy Load Permit *
Heavy Load Permit *
Heavy Load Permit
for Cement Trucks
House Moving Permit *
Load Description *
Seismic Application 2009 *
Seismic Information Sheet *

*     Adobe Acrobat Reader Required
* * Microsoft Word Required

Utility Permit Application
Driveway Permit Application  *
Telephone Company  *
Cable Company  * *
Clearing and Grubbing  * *
Design Standards  *
Electrical Utility  * *
Gas Utility  * *
Permit Instructions  *
Pipeline Utility  * *
Road Profile to go with
utility application
 * *







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