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  About Adobe Active Forms

Adobe active forms are enhanced .pdf (portable document format) documents which require Adobe Reader to open and use.  Adobe Reader is a free software program from Adobe Acrobat that allows the user to open and fill in active fields in a document.  Adobe Reader does not allow the user to edit documents except in specified fields.   If you do not have Adobe Reader installed on your computer click here to download the software. 

After installing Adobe Reader you should be able to use the Active Forms on the Brazoria County website.

Getting started

Basic form controls:

To clear a form completely With your mouse LEFT click on the RESET button one time

To activate a field to enter information in a document

With your mouse LEFT click on the field one time
To move to the next field in a document Press TAB
To go back to a previous field in the document Press SHIFT then TAB together
To select an option in a DROP DOWN LIST
(a DROP DOWN LIST is a field that that contains a list of choices)
With your mouse LEFT click on the GRAY BOX to the right of the field you want to populate one time
To select a CHECK BOX With your mouse LEFT click on the square of your choice one time
To PRINT the form With your mouse LEFT click on the PRINT button one time

Completing a form

Learn to use these basic form controls with this training document, click HERE to open.


Saving forms

To save a form to your computer for reuse, with your mouse pointer LEFT click once on the link to the active form you want to save, when the popup menu appears LEFT click once on SAVE TARGET AS.  Navigate to a location to save the form and LEFT click on SAVE.


RIGHT click on the "click here" link.  After the file opens LEFT click one time on FILE, left click one time on SAVE AS,  navigate to the location you want to save the file to then LEFT click one time on SAVE.









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