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Closed Family Files:

Divorces, Annulments, Paternity Suite, *Adoptions (Sealed by Court), *Terminations (Sealed by Court), Suits Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship, Attorney General Suits Regarding Child Support.

Closed Civil Files:

Damages, Personal Injury, Contracts, Injunctions, Bond Forfeitures, Occupational Driver's License, Trespass to Try Title.

Closed Criminal Files:

Felony Cases, Probation Files, Appeal Files.


Civil and Criminal exhibits in both closed and pending cases.  Supreme Court Order relating to retention and disposition of exhibits in Civil Cases.

Record Searches:

Civil and Criminal: $5.00 for every 10 years searched and $10.00 for search and certificate.


$1.00 per page, $1.00 extra to certify document, $3.00 extra for exemplified copy.

* No Personal Checks Accepted *









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