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  The court deferred adjudication of my guilt and placed me on probation and my probation has since been terminated. Is this record available to potential employers, etc?

Yes, the District Clerk will always have a record of the action taken on your case, even in instances of deferred adjudication. Article 42.12, section 5 (f), Code of Criminal Procedure specifically states that a record in the custody of the District Clerk regarding a case in which a person is granted deferred adjudication is not confidential.


  How can I file for a Petition of Non-Disclosure of my deferred adjudication?
  Unfortunately, our office is unable to provide legal advice regarding non-disclosure for deferred adjudication. However, Texas Law Help has more information you can refer to.


  Someone stole my identity and was arrested and convicted of a criminal offense. Is it possible to have my name removed from these records?
  Yes – Article 55.01 (d), Code of Criminal Procedure explains your entitlement when an arrested person has falsely used your information during an arrest. Article 55.02, Code of Criminal Procedure explains the procedure for expunction of records.  You should contact an attorney to advise you of your legal rights.


  Where do I go to file charges against someone who has committed a crime?

If you have been a victim of a criminal offense, you should contact the nearest local law enforcement agency to conduct the investigation and file the appropriate criminal charges through the District Attorney's Office.


  I was a victim of a criminal offense. Where can I go to get information or assistance concerning the status or outcome of the case?
  You can get information from the District Attorney's Office or check the Judicial Record Search on our website at www.brazoria-county.com/dclerk.



How do I expunge my criminal case?


Since we are unable to provide legal assistance, you should review the Code of Criminal Procedure Chapter 55  or Texas Law Help relating to expunctions or seek counsel from a licensed attorney.



Is there a number I can call to get case information?

  We do not give out information over the phone.   You can get information by checking the Judicial Record Search on our website at www.brazoria-county.com/dclerk.



Where can I file a Post Conviction Writ of Habeas Corpus?

  The west end of the office of the Brazoria County District Clerk’s office at 111 E. Locust St., Ste. 500, Angleton. The application for a Post Conviction Writ of Habeas Corpus must be filed on the proper form, which the applicant may obtain online at the Court of Criminal Appeals.



Where can I file for an occupational driver's license?


Petitions for an occupational driver's license may be filed at the Intake department on the west end of the office of the Brazoria County District Clerk’s office at 111 E. Locust St., Ste. 500, Angleton. You can get more information from Texas Law Help about occupational driver’s licenses.


  Is there a number I can call for a name inquiry?
  Customers with only a name and date of birth may call 979-864-1128 to obtain a criminal record search. A fee of $5.00 is charged for this service. An additional fee of $5.00 is charged for written confirmation or a certificate of the search. All major credit cards are accepted for this transaction.


  Where can I obtain sex offender Information?
  The Department of Public Safety will be able to provide you more information on this topic. Click to query sex offender information.


  How can I obtain information regarding inmates incarcerated in Brazoria County Jail?
  Please visit the Brazoria County Web site.  Under Other Links choose Judicial Record Search.  There is a Sheriff Bond Search and Sheriff Jail Search option on that site.


  What are your hours of operation?
  The Collection's Office is open on M-F from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


  What are the methods of payment accepted? Can I pay by check?

In Person

Cash, Credit Card (with proper ID), Money Order or Cashier’s Check

Via Internet

Credit Card  www.CertifiedPayments.com  Bureau Code 6399362

By Mail

Cashier’s Check and Money Order

By Phone

Credit Card 1-866-549-1010  Bureau Code 6399362

By Western Union

Pay to: Brazoria County District Clerk

Code City: Brazoria

State: Texas



  I cannot make my payment on time, can I pay it late?

If you pay late we are mandated to let the court know. You should speak to one of the collectors to make arrangements.  You can reach Collections by calling 979-864-1831.



Are you open on weekends?




What is your address?

  Physical and mailing address is 111 E. Locust St., Ste. 500, Angleton, TX  77515.







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