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  What is the fee to request an Abstract or Execution?
$8.00 for each Abstract and $8.00 for an Execution.


  I need to have an Abstract or Execution issued. What do I do?

You will need to send a written request (This request can be found in our Downloadable forms) plus the filing fee ($8.00) to our office.



I am requesting an Abstract or Execution. May I pay with a check?

If you are an attorney using a law firm or local company check, yes. If it is a personal check, no. It must be a cashier's check or money order. Cash and credit cards are also accepted for payment.



Do I need to supply a certified copy of the judgment with my request for Abstract or Execution?



  My judgment is against different defendants. Can't I request an Abstract against each defendant?
No, all defendants are identified in the abstract. You may have as many abstracts as you want on a case but you only need multiple abstracts when you plan to file them in other counties.


  Can I request an Execution against each defendant?
No. Only one execution can be issued at a time no matter how many defendants you have. The execution will contain all defendants.


  I need to have my Execution served, can you send it to the Sheriff?
Yes.  You will  need to include the fee of $125.00 for the service fee.  We will forward the execution to the Brazoria County Sheriff.


  What do I do with the abstract now that I have it?
The abstract can be filed in the county in which you believe the debtor might own property. In most counties, the abstract is filed with the County Clerk’s Office. (An original abstract is required for each county.)


  What is the filing fee to file an Abstract?
Abstracts are not filed with the District Clerk’s Office. They are filed with the County Clerk’s Office in Real Property Records 979-864-1360.



The Execution was returned "Nulla bona". What does that mean?

This is when the sheriff/constable has not found any goods of the defendant on which he could levy.


  My judgment is almost 10 years old and I need to keep it alive; how can I do this?
If a writ of execution is not issued within the first 10 years of the judgment, it becomes dormant and we can not issue an execution. After the first execution is issued the dormant date runs from issue date of that execution.



We bought this judgment and we are the assignee. Can we be listed as the Plaintiff in the abstract or execution?

If you file an Assignment of Judgment, this information will be included in the abstract/execution.









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