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  Alvin 281-756-1316  
  Angleton 979-864-1316  
  Fax (Not approved for Fax Filing) 979-864-1770  
  23rd Civil Court Clerk 979-864-1137  
  23rd Criminal Court Clerk 979-864-1189  
  23rd Coordinator 979-864-1205  
  23rd Court Fax 979-849-7514  
  149th Civil Court Clerk 979-864-1136  
  149th Criminal Court Clerk 979-864-1193  
  149th Coordinator 979-864-1261  
  149th Court Fax 979-864-1226  
  239th Civil Court Clerk 979-864-1135  
  239th Criminal Court Clerk 979-864-1192  
  239th Coordinator 979-864-1256  
  239th Court Fax 979-864-1056  
  300th Civil Court Clerk 979-864-1194  
  300th Criminal Court Clerk 979-864-1188  
  300th Coordinator 979-864-1227  
  300th Court Fax 979-864-1138  
  412th Civil Court Clerk 979-864-1299  
  412th Criminal Court Clerk 979-864-1156  
  412th Coordinator 979-864-1915  
  412th Court Fax 979-864-1918  
  Criminal Court Administrator 979-864-1263  
  Criminal Court Administrator Fax 979-864-1893  
  Chief Deputy 979-864-1129  
  Delinquent Tax Deputy 979-864-1136  
  Accounting/Bookkeeping 979-864-1112  
  Appeals Clerk 979-864-1318  
  Jury Administration 979-864-1836  
  File Desk 979-864-1116  
  Records Dept. 979-864-1128  
  Registry Funds 979-864-1635  
  Service Department 979-864-1116  
  Collections Department 979-864-1832  












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