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The Brazoria County District Clerk’s office accepts Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.  Credit card payments are made via Certified Payments.


Credit card payments may be made by telephone thru Certified Payments at

1-866-549-1010 or via the internet at www.certifiedpayments.net or in person with proper ID.


The Brazoria County District Clerk’s Bureau Code is 6399362.  It is very important to know this number as well as your cause number when making payments.  Payments not made to the correct bureau code may cause a delay in posting your payment. 


Your payment will be posted on the same business day as your transaction is made with Certified Payments unless the payment is made on the weekend or a holiday.  In the event of payment being made on the weekend, it will be posted the first business day after the transaction is made.





















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