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Rhonda Barchak
District Clerk

Appointed to Office
July 2010

The District Clerk's office is the registrar, recorder, and custodian of all pleadings, instrument, and papers that are part of any cause of action in any District Court in Brazoria County.  In addition to judicial responsibilities, the District Clerk indexes and secures all court records, collects filing fees, handles funds held in litigation and monies awarded to minors.  Trust Funds currently managed, invested, and monitored by the District Clerk are approaching 14 million dollars.

This office is established by the Texas Constitution.  Rhonda Barchak the current District Clerk is the 21st person to hold the office for Brazoria County since 1837.

Modern methods and the use of technology to facilitate an ever-expanding office has been the emphasis of the District Clerk's office for the past few years.  Using technology to enhance the services provided by the office, optical imaging has become the primary method of archival of records.  Looking to the future, this change will facilitate the use of the Internet to offer new opportunities to provide services to the legal community and the general public.

As the population of Brazoria County continues to grow, so naturally does the volume of matters handled by the District Courts.  While the new cases filed in Brazoria County District Courts now approaches 10,000 each year, many of the court records of which the District Clerk's office has custody are classified as permanent records by law.  The District Clerk must continue to maintain these "disposed of" records forever.  District Court records for which the District Clerk maintains go back as far as 1832 when Texas was a possession of Mexico.  It is not unusual for the District Clerk's office to be asked to locate and reproduce copies of records from 100 years ago.

The tradition of the District Clerk's Office over the years is maintained today ... "We serve."





























































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