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  NEW!  Brazoria County's website now adding Adobe Active Forms.  Click here to learn more.

The Brazoria County web site contains downloadable forms in three formats.  Formats are file types created by specific programs and are identified by your computer using file extensions which are the last three characters followed by the period in the file name.  Below are the file descriptions, programs necessary to read or print the files and the link to the program you must install.  The programs below are readers and viewers ONLY.  Unless you have a full version of the software installed on your computer you will only be able to read and print the forms found on this site.  On the Brazoria County web site the file types are as follows:



  File format
or extension
Program necessary
to open or read
  Download link to the
  file reader or viewer
  Technical Support  

Adobe Acrobat Reader   Download as an Executable or Compressed (Zipped)   Adobe Acrobat Reader
  Microsoft Excel Viewer   Download as an Executable or Compressed (Zipped)   Microsoft Excel Viewer
  Microsoft Word Viewer   Download as an Executable or Compressed (Zipped)   Microsoft Word Viewer
  All related information pertains to Windows XP  


  Frequently Asked Questions  
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  Are all forms available in all file formats?  
  No.  Some departments require specific types of formats because they are used for different purposes.  For example some forms must be printed and mailed or delivered to the department.  Some forms can be downloaded, filed out and attached to an email to be sent to the department.  


  What if I need a viewer or reader for a different operating system like Windows 98?  
  Follow the link under Technical Support for the reader or viewer you are looking for.  There you will find information on downloading other supported programs.  


  Do I need to buy a license to use this software?  
  No.  The software for reading or viewing forms on the Brazoria County website is free to the public.  


  Can I edit forms on my computer that I download from Brazoria County's web site?  
  You must have or purchase full versions of Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel to edit the forms on your computer.  


  Can I change the file format from one format to another?  
  Yes.  However Brazoria County does not provide technical support for doing so.   


  The form I downloaded is corrupt or unreadable, what's causing this?  
  The most likely cause is you're using the wrong reader.  Verify you're using the right reader for the right type of file.    










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