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Facts About Adult Probation

    You may be Court ordered to pay one or more of the following fees:
        Court costs
        Court appointed attorney fees
        Community Supervision fees       
        Restitution (repaying victims for what was lost or damaged)
        Crime Stoppers fees
        Urinalysis fees

    You may also have to pay certain class fees:
        DWI classes
        Drug classes   
        Repeat DWI offender classes
        Victim Impact Panel fees

    All payments are Court-ordered and must be paid on time by a schedule set up by the court.  Your supervising officer can answer any questions about your payments. 

    You may pay by Money Order or Cashierís Check (no personal checks will be accepted) made payable to the Community Supervision and Corrections Department.  Do not send cash in the mail.  The mailing address is:

Brazoria County Community Supervision and Corrections Department
P. O. Box 1300
Angleton, Texas   77516-1300

Receipts will be only be mailed if you include a self-addressed stamped envelope.

    You may also pay by:
           Western Union by visiting any Western Union Agent and filling
         out the Blue Quick Collect Send Form.  Make sure to include
         the following information:
          Pay to:  BRAZORIA COUNTY CSCD
         Code City / State:  ADPROBBRAZORIA / TX
          Account Number:  Cause #, Last Name and date of birth
          Attention Field:  First and Last name of defendant

Your case will be credited by 5 pm the next business day.

            Credit Card by visiting cashier at 1524 East Mulberry, Suite
         200, Angleton, TX
and fill out the Credit Card Authorization
       Form.  Your credit card payment will be processed by the
       cashier or you may also use your credit card and process a
       payment to Brazoria County CSCD

BY PHONE   1-866-549-1010

You must have available the following  information
Bureau Code:  3968016
Which is
Brazoria County, TX CSCD CNT 

Reference Number Field must include:
Defendantís Name, Defendantís Date of Birth and
Case Id # and/or Cause #
Defendantís case should be credited within 5 business days.

Community Supervision and Probation:
Both Community Supervision and Probation refer to the same process.

Supervision Officers:
    Your supervision officer can be very helpful to you.  He/she can answer any questions you have about your probation; schedule classes, programs and set up appointments you need to fulfill your probation obligations; provide community-based referrals such as drug/alcohol counseling, employment counseling and literacy/GED preparation that will help you prepare for a positive life.  Your officer will supervise you as directed by the Court and will inform the Court as to how you are abiding by the rules. Your officer will conduct visits to your home or work as well as in the probation office.

Other Information:
    You must be on time for each office visit.

    Ask your supervising officer each month what paperwork you need to bring when you report for you next visit.  Reporting to your officer is very important. 

   Do not bring children with you to your office visit.  Some office visits can take up to two hours to complete.  Sex offenders will be reporting to the same facility that you are.

    If your offense was a Misdemeanor or deferred adjudication Felony, you may still vote if you are a registered voter.

    If your offense was a non-theft Misdemeanor you may still serve on a jury if called.